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Bye Team

Away v. Home

Away v. Home

Away v. Home

1-6-2018 Jamboree


All Teams at Belgreen

Jamboree Schedule

All Teams at Belgreen

Jamboree Schedule

All Teams at Belgreen

Jamboree Schedule


Belgreen @ Phil Campbell

Tharptown @ Hackleburg

Red Bay @ Vina

Hamilton @ Belmont


Phil Campbell @ Tharptown

Belgreen @ Hackleburg
NEW Schedule 1-17-18

Vina @ Hamilton
New Schedule

Belmont @ Red Bay


Hackleburg @ Phil Campbell

Tharptown @ Belgreen

Belmont @ Vina

Red Bay @ Hamilton


Phil Campbell @ Red Bay

Vina @ Belgreen

Belmont @ Tharptown

Hackleburg @ Hamilton


Phil Campbell @ Belmont

Hamilton @ Belgreen

Revised 2-5-18

Hackleburg @ Vina

Tharptown @ Red Bay


Red Bay @ Hackleburg

Vina @ Tharptown

Hamilton @ Phil Campbell

Belgreen @ Belmont

2/19-24 -2018






Link for the FCYBO Tournament Page

Feb 19-24 Tournament Brackets

6U Coed
8U Boys 8U Girls
10U Boys 10U Girls
12U Boys 12U Girls


Monday 2-19-18
Old Gym New Gym
Tuesday 2-20-18
Old Gym New Gym
Thursday 2-22-18
Old Gym New Gym
Friday 2-23-18
Old Gym New Gym
Saturday 2-24-18
Old Gym New Gym


Revised Rules 2-11-2018


Team Roster
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Belgreen   Belmont
Hackleburg   Hamilton
Phil Campbell   Red Bay
Tharptown   Vina
Rosters and other information is believed to be correct.
If you find an error please send corrected information to


Revised Rules 2-11-2018

2018 FCYBO Rules

ARPA Rules

Substitution Tracker xlsx

Substitution Tracker pdf
Prints 2 games per sheet. Print multiple copies for the day!!!


Opening weekend January 2018 at     Belgreen

Opening weekend January 2019 at     Belmont

Opening weekend January 2020 at     Phil Campbell

Opening weekend January 2021 at     Red Bay

Opening weekend January 2022 at     Tharptown

Opening weekend January 2023 at     Vina

Opening weekend January 2024 at     Hackleburg

Opening Weekend January 2025 at    Hamilton

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League Tournament Schedule:
The League Tournament was established to be as follows:
2018 League Tournament at Tharptown with Backup of Vina
2019 League Tournament at Vina with Backup of Belgreen
2020 League Tournament at Belgreen with Backup of Belmont
2021 League Tournament at Belmont with Backup of Red Bay
2022 League Tournament at Phil Campbell with Backup of Hackleburg
2023 League Tournament at Hackleburg with Backup of Hamilton
2024 League Tournament Hamilton with Backup of Red Bay
2025 League Tournament at Red Bay, with Backup of Tharptown
2026 League Tournament at Thapttown